If you are re-financing, settlement is the date that your old loan is repaid and your new loan starts.

As soon as you have returned your loan documents, your current lender is contacted and asked to confirm a 'payout figure' and a date for settlement.

  • If you're purchasing, it is usual for settlement to occur on the date specified in the contract.
  • If purchasing, you will need to notify your conveyancer or solicitor that your home loan has been formally and unconditionally approved. They will then prepare the necessary documentation to enable the property to be legally transferred to you.
  • Your conveyancer or solicitor will contact the lender to arrange a time for settlement in line with the date specified in the contract.
  • A few days prior to settlement, your conveyancer or solicitor will advise you how much you will need to contribute for the balance of your deposit and all the government fees and charges. In most cases, they will request that you provide them with a bank cheque the day before settlement.
  • Your conveyancer or solicitor will notify you once settlement has taken place. You may then collect the keys to your new home from the real estate agent's office.
  • Within two weeks after settlement, you should receive from your new lender a letter confirming settlement of your home loan. The letter will also detail how funds were disbursed at settlement and when your first home loan repayment is due.
  • You will receive any ATM cards, credit cards, cheque books, PIN and passwords that apply to your new home loan package. For security reasons, these items are usually posted separately.
  • Depending on the type of loan you choose, you will also receive regular home loan statements, either monthly, quarterly, or twice-yearly. As a valued client of Need a Loan Now, we will keep you abreast of the latest home loan market news and changing market conditions every few months.
  • Should you wish to review your home loan at any time, we offer a complimentary home loan health check for all our clients. Simply contact your Need a Loan Now consultant to arrange a time.
  • We recommend you seek professional advice to ensure that you have adequate death, disability and general risk insurance to cover your loan borrowings and repayments.
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