Before You Begin

Whether you are buying your first home, building, investing or re-financing, there are a number of things you should know before you start your home loan search.


When purchasing your home, it is always best if you can demonstrate a saving record. However, in these fast paced times, this is not always achievable. We have anumber of lenders who will now finance the full purchase price.


If you are purchasing your second home, you may be able to borrow the full purchase amount plus costs by using the security of your existing property.


In addition to your deposit, you also need to allow for additional costs, such as government fees and taxes, usually between 3-7% of the purchase price.


From time to time, Federal and State governments offer financial assistance to first home buyers and/or owner occupiers to offset some of these purchase costs, phone us for more details.


At Elite Loan Services we can show you how to reduce your interest costs and streamline your finances by incorporating your home loan into your OVERALL banking strategy to make best use of your household cashflow.

Household Cashflow

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